The Legacy Project

Hello, my name is Nathan; and this is my culminating project for my senior year at high school.

I decided to create a unique, original project where I would compile a group of stories people want passed on to future generations, or in short: what legacy they want to create. Funny childhood memories, great times traveling, or a lesson learned the hard way- truly anything that you would want to be remembered by.

The final project will be a presentation in front of a panel at my school; where I will share what I have learned and accomplished over these next couple months. This blog will serve as a way to post the stories and archive them for future use.

I think this will be a fun and meaningful project. There are just so many life stories out there that are truly entertaining, many with a good lesson to learn, it would be a shame to let them fade away into history.

So please comment, send a personal message, or contact me with your story. Email stories to:

Lets get the word out and start a legacy!

Definition of legacy by the Oxford Dictionary:

nounĀ (pluralĀ legacies)

  • an amount of money or property left to someone in a will:my grandmother died and unexpectedly left me a small legacy
  • something left or handed down by a predecessor:the legacy of centuries of neglect