For my senior project I wanted to do something fun and original. So I created this blog to cultivate a mass amount of life stories that people submit! All in the hopes that these archived tales will serve as an enlightening tool. Something that can inspire people, make them laugh, or just get there mind off of their everyday struggles.

My final project will be presenting in front of a panel of teachers at my high school. There I will share with them all that the world has taught me during this project, and hopefully have a full archival work to showcase the stories.

Why a legacy. . .

It seems wherever I go someone is always telling a story. Seriously! Everywhere, everyone, everything has a story to tell. To be honest its not half bad, I love stories. Especially the ones my dad tells me of his child hood, ones that make me laugh or just stare at him with my mouth wide open. Or my grandfathers stories of his time serving in the U.S. Navy, with tantalizing stories of the time he spent on the beaches of Iwa Jima. Theres stories every where, usually with a great value to be learned, or sometimes just a good laugh to share. I guess this is why I started this project- to try and bundle up as many of these precious artifacts as I can. Before time takes them into its depths, before people stop caring to tell them. I want to be remembered, and I know a lot of other people do too. So heres your chance to give your favorite life story that will be captured for future generations to enjoy and learn from.



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